About Healthy Living
You can't heal something thru war. Only love heals.

The Total Transformation


Why do we put so much emphasis on habit change?


Because habits are the #1 Determiners of your quality of life. When you change a habit, you change the course of someones life.


Most people have a pretty good idea of some important change they would like to make in their life style. The power pull off habit keeps them stuck. Habits are literally wired into our brains. The neurons that fire together, wire together.

When a person is attempting to change a daily habit that they have performed thousands of times over ten or twenty years, its no wonder they find it challenging to change.


My approach is not about quick fixes, its about lasting change, And for that lasting change to occur, We've got to start with habits.


Habits are automated behaviours. Many habits with which we live our lives are efficient ways of behaving, saving us time and energy.


Some habits are health promoting and there are those ingrained habits that are health destroying and have severe negative impact on our level of wellness.


As a Health Coach trained in habit change coaching method, you will learn how to unwind self defeating behaviours and patterns and stabilize healthy habits that last.